At Room Utopia Interiors we redesign commercial spaces such as condo lobbies, hallways and concierge areas as well as restaurants, office buildings and dental offices

Revamping areas such as these can make a significant difference to your living, working or recreational environment.

Our goal is always to give a stylish and welcoming feel to any project we work on.

Here's how it works:

  • Initial consultation and budget review
  • Review and signing of contract, collection of retainer and commencement of project
  • Gathering of trades to accurately quote project, take measurements and 'before' photos
  • Presentation of design solutions, selected materials and quotes for review
  • Order placement and budget review
  • Coordination of trusted contractors and suppliers and project management to completion
  • Weekly meetings on site to review progress
  • Furniture installation and styling
  • Deficiencies identified and resolved
  • Presentation of client binder

Why renovate your commercial space?

Renovating the common areas in a condo building effectively is extremely important. It helps keep and even increase the value of the individual units, makes the space more appealing to potential buyers and keeps vacant units to a minimum. Most importantly, it provides an appealing space for people to come home to.

Redesigning a restaurant can reflect a menu change or boost appeal and draw people in. It can lead to higher profits and more patronage.

Office buildings and the working environment are paramount to productive, motivated staff. Uninspired spaces can lead to uninspired workers. Providing a well thought out working environment can change the success of your business.

Going to the dentist is something many of us dread. If the office itself is dated it can make the patient feel even worse. Creating a calm and relaxing space can really help improve the experience and keep people coming back.

How we charge:

Commercial jobs are priced on a job by job basis depending on the complexity and amount of involvement needed. We would first come out to assess the job, then put together a proposal with a scope of work.


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Brogden's Restaurant

Commercial: Brogden's Restaurant

Brodgen's Restaurant Renovation


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Concourse Level Renovation