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  • Commercial: Albion Corridors

    Albion Corridor Renovation

  • Commercial: Albion Lobby

    Commercial: Albion Lobby Renovation

  • Commercial: Bloor Lobby

    Lobby Renovation

  • Contemporary

    Contemporary Design is based on simple shapes and styles that are classy and uncluttered. Often a bright colour is introduced to create a bold look. Texture is then added to create dimensionality and lighting to create a specific mood. Statement pieces of abstract art are used to create focal points in the space.

    Materials used in a contemporary spaces include; concrete, glass, metal, plastic and wood. These all help to give a clean, visually interesting and dynamic feel to the space.

    At Room Utopia Interiors we can create your dream contemporary environment, by working with you to choose the right selections for the space. We can even create a custom piece of abstract artwork to go in it.

  • Industrial

    Industrial Design is most often seen in loft spaces. Incorporating brick walls, exposed beams, high ceilings and open plan living, is all an intrinsic part of this style. The use of concrete, recycled wood, glass, leather and metal is commonly seen.

    Colour used in this Industrial Designs, varies, but is mainly based on the natural colours of the materials, such as grey concrete and the natural colours of the wood used. Texture is very important in Industrial Design. The roughness of an exposed brick wall, the grittiness of the concrete countertop, and the smooth sleekness of the glass table all work together to create the character of the space.

    At Room Utopia Interiors we can create an exciting Industrial style space for you, which is visually inviting and exciting.

  • Lorne Park - Interior Design

    Interior Design – Bathroom Renovation

  • Lorne Park - Interior Design

    Interior Design – Bedroom Renovation

  • Modern

    Modern Design is similar to Contemporary Design in many ways in terms of simple shapes and colour palettes. It originated in the 1920’s-1950’s because furniture was needed that was simpler and more affordable than the ornate, expensive and highly decorative furniture of previous eras.

    Modern Design uses neutral colour pallets, with mainly warm tones. Simple, elegant furniture and fabrics give modern spaces a relaxed, inviting and comforting feel.

    At Room Utopia Interiors we can turn your home into a calm, modern space by helping you select the right furniture pieces, paint colours, artwork and accessories that will complement one another and create that ‘Wow’ factor.

  • New England

    New England Interior Design is based on the style seen along the east coast of America, in places such as Martha’s Vineyard. It is famous for its nautical/beach themes, light, calm colour schemes, beautiful wood trims and wainscoting, and patterned fabrics. Wood floors, rattan rugs, striped fabric and fresh flowers all contribute the quaint charm of this style.

    Light blues, whites and neutral colours are most commonly used, and wood furniture, floors and trim feature heavily. The atmosphere in a New England style home is relaxed, calm and welcoming. If you enjoy the beach then this could be the style for you.

    At Room Utopia Interiors we can bring together all elements of this style to make your home the best place to vacation.

  • New England Style - Interior Design

    Renovation - New England Style

  • Oakville Kitchen Renovation

    Oakville Kitchen Renovation

  • Parkland Dining Room

    Renovation - Parkland Dining Room

  • Parkland Master Bedroom

    Renovation - Parkland Master Bedroom

  • Retro

    Retro Design centers around styles from the 1940’s-1980’s, with the most popular decade being the 1950’s. Pop Art, American Diner and organic patterns all feature heavily in this style. Pastel colours, bright colours and even black and white colour schemes can all be used in Retro Design, which allows for diversity and creativity in the design process. There is an element of fun and playfulness, and a fantastic opportunity to accessorize.

    Retro Design can work in all kinds of spaces and can be subtle or strong. At Room Utopia Interiors we can take your Retro dreams and make them a reality.

  • Traditional

    Traditional Design is very diverse due to the vast array of options available. Rich woods, colours and patterns all feature heavily in this style. Curtains are more heavily styled and accessorized, lighting is more decorative, and lamps are used to enhance the warmth of the space. Picture and mirror frames are wider and more elaborate. Colour palettes vary from neutral to bold. Furniture can be painted, varnished or waxed. The options are endless! Often times this is why people get it wrong.

    At Room Utopia Interiors we specialize in coordinating all of the design elements of a space, so that it works beautifully together. We can custom make your soft furnishings, select the perfect furniture pieces, colours and artwork to make your house a home.

  • Walden Main Floor

    Renovation - Walden Main Floor

  • Walden Master Bedroom

    Renovation - Walden Master Bedroom